After SINGLE Tooth Extraction

Single Tooth Extractions Post-Operative Instructions


If gauze was placed in your mouth, you may remove it after 30-45 minutes following placement. Blood tinged saliva (saliva with pink tint) is Normal. If there is continuous oozing you may place dampened gauze or 2 wet tea bags (of any kind) directly over the surgical site. Apply a decent amount of pressure. Do NOT sleep with gauze in your mouth (Risk of swallowing gauze).

 No Rinsing, Spitting, Sucking through a Straw, or Smoking

If you need to do any of the previously mentioned things, place gauze directly over the surgical site to protect it.

 Keeping Area Clean:

24 hours after surgery, You may begin to rinse the area with salt water rinses, gently swish. This will keep the area clean. Stay away from brushing around the area for a few days. No using mouth rinses with Listerine or Alcohol based products. No OralGel

Proper Nutrition:

It is a special importance to fight infection and to rebuild and repair oral tissue. You may eat whatever you are comfortable with. Chew on the opposite side of the extraction site. If you have limitations, we recommend high protein foods to eat at room temperature, soft foods (scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, soft meatloaf or pastas) nothing hot or spicy. Plenty of fluids are vital to the strength you will feel (V8 juice, milk shakes, fruit juices, Gatorade).


Any swelling and soreness will peak 48 hours after surgery. This is when you will have the most discomfort. If you need, you can place ice packs on the outside of face for the first 48 hours and then switch to warm moist heat. May use pot of water or crock pot for warm water. People wish to continue the ice packs once the 48 hours hits, the ice packs are no longer useful. We advise you apply ice packs and heat in 30-minute intervals throughout the day.

 Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) We are asking our patients to call our office immediately, if patient or anyone you come in contact with was exposed to or develops symptoms associated with Covid-19.

 Thank you for being our patient and Happy HEALING!

If you have any Questions or Concerns, you may contact the office 352-331-2016.

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